A blog is born...

My niece's reaction after I told her that I was starting a blog.

AND THIS IS what you should know: I am sooooo happy. It's been a long time coming, this blog. I'm super thrilled to finally be here, to talk, to exchange. This is my first post and I already feel like I'm talking to myself and rambling.. so please forgive me.

I've worked in television (Telemundo, FOX), in newspapers (El Diario La Prensa, the New York Post) and magazines (Latina) so this journalism thing is not really new to me. I even did a stint in these Internets back in 1999 during the last tech bubble, and what a ride soloella.com was. I also had a popular little blog called Tempo at the tabloid where I last worked. Hell, some of you may have even read or seen stories that I've written, produced or edited. But I digress...

This here, what you are reading, is wholly different. It is my canvas, not a corporate employer's space trying to suck the juices and life out of me. The boot of the man is not on my neck and neither is his alcohol-laden-tyrant-tinged-sexist breath anywhere near me... This blog is not brought to you secretively by an advertiser. Rather, I bring it to you. How sublime is that?

Here, I get to be more intimate and daring and yes, free. Or at least and as free as Google let's me be.

Why a blog? Why now?  Well, why not? And because I really miss this thing called journalism and I have a lot to say. And because I have a new book coming out in May which I plan to talk a lot about, here and everywhere...

A friend recently told me that I had one of the most exquisite -- which I took to mean -- weird brains she knew. On the one hand, I could go on and on about why the Mayan civilization was so sophisticated or why philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was such a bad-ass and at the same time share news about the most delicious lipgloss in the world, the best jalapeƱo passion fruit vodka cocktail in the New York City, why Chopin's Nocturne in C Minor is worth having a quiet listen to at some point in one's life and why Cornel West's memoir which I just finished reading, is a must. Thing is, I have a lot of random stuff in my brain because I am insanely and insatiably curious about everything. So, she says, "damn girl, you should start a blog and like share sh*t with people." I'm not so sure about her assessment of my brain, but here it is.

I am not going to go in search for the oldest dog in America or find the richest man in South Dakota-- you can go to know where for that. Here, I will insist on talking about stories that I propose should still be part of the water cooler conversation, for example, Egypt. Dude, can any of the big news organizations report more on the historic role of Egyptian women in the revolution?  Or the outrageous story of the Minutemen murder of the 9-year-old little Mexican immigrant. Or the union busting moves in Wisconsin.

Here you will get my opinion or what's the point?  This blogging thing already feels like an exercise in narcissism, so it's going to take me a little getting used to. To quote my son who says he knows why he'll make a great actor, because he is "self centered, narcissistic and deeply insecure." Bloggers may fall into one or all three of those categories. Kids say the darnest things...

This is the plan for this space: to comment and share news on things that are happening in areas that I'm most passionate about: women's issues, politics, art, culture, race, food, film, music, books, travel and wellness. Yes, there will be beauty and fashion and the occasional sports posts. But, I am not going to traffic in gossip. Leave that to the experts. Also, since I still have some access to people in the news, I plan to post the occasional treat. Hopefully these exclusive interviews will inspire you to keep coming and spreading the good word.

It is in the end, my desire to educate, elucidate, entertain and inspire.   So... I encourage you to visit me once in a while and have a cup of cafe con leche or chai latte and share  in my journey.  And share your thoughts too!

Bottom line: this blog will be infused with lots of love, because corny as it sounds, this I know for sure: Love is the answer.


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