Susan Taylor praises my book...

THE AMAZING Susan Taylor, the editrix of Essence magazine during its glorious years and a role model to women of color worldwide, including yours truly, has written the most beautiful words of praise for my book. I cannot lie, I choked up when I read her words. If you've met Susan in person, you will know what I mean. Susan is one of the people whose grace, insight, intellect and love is a wondrous thing to experience.

Susan's words: "The New Latina's Bible is a masterwork! Sandra Guzman pours herself into page after page of insight, passion, wisdom and love and her beautiful lyrical voice speaks to our heart. Tender and tough, it's a great gift to women of color and those who love us." 

After 37 years at Essence, Susan left to launch a beautiful effort -- the largest mentoring movement in our nation's history. She is at the helm of an organization whose philosophy affirms love as activism. If you know a young person who is at risk, why not reach out? 

If you have extra time in your hands, and want to give back, a young person can use the love.  If you are stuck, check out her site


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