Rosie Perez praises my book...

THIS IS SUPER sweet news because she is super cool. I am over the moon. Another amazing and gorgeous sister praises my book, The New Latina's Bible, with the most gorgeous words.

Actress Rosie Perez says: "I was so moved by Sandra’s vulnerability, honesty and wisdom. I truly saw myself in some of her heartfelt experiences. Her stories of tears, joy, laughter, triumphs, disappointments and lessons learned allows us to see how similar and connected we are, expanding the community of Latinas throughout America and the world."

This Oscar nominated actress is one is one of the funniest, smartest and most gorgeous people I know. I met her over a decade ago when I interviewed her and we connected.

I've always believed that Rosie is one of the most talented actresses of our generation. There is integrity in her work. If you've never seen her in her Oscar nominated role in Fearless you must. If you have, check it out again. Seriously. I recently went to the Film Society Lincoln Center retrospective on the extraordinary director Peter Weir and saw the movie. It was like seeing it again for the first time. Weir delivered a masterpiece that is nuanced and powerful. It is a film about hope, love, and transcendence. Rosie kills it. Jeff Bridges kills it. And Peter most definitely kills it. An all around great film.

Rosie has done many other great things after 1993 -- Broadway, directed a documentary, founded a arts program, the Urban Arts Partnership, for New York City public school kids -- she's been a breathelss activist actress using her fame for great causes. And this Rosie from the block remembers with love where she came from.

That Susan Taylor and now Rosie Perez have endorsed my book is for me a most lovely honor.

Watch a clip of Rosie from the movie Fearless.