A tiny miracle in Japan in the midst of catastrophe

A friend sent me a note that he received from a musician in Japan. It was a sad and powerful read. My heart shattered so I searched for inspiring stories in the midst of this harrowing nightmare to fill me with hope. I found the story of a four-month old baby girl who was rescued in the rubble yesterday. She was reunited with her father who was at a local shelter. A tiny miracle that radiates hope in the midst of a harrowing nightmare. 

This is note I received from Japan written by someone on the ground: "As each day goes by, we realize that how serious this is becoming. We constantly receive new information about everything from everywhere…what's really happening there now. Besides more than 4,000 died and more than 15,000 are missing and 500,000 lost homes and evacuating without electricity, food, water anything at all. The worst and the most dangerous problem is the nuclear power plant. Four of them are seriously in trouble. They keep having more accidents and they can't even explain anything because nothing like this ever happened before. It is getting so close…massive meltdown. 

Already the radiation started to leak and people exposed to radiation. If they fail to cool down the reactor…the country will be in serious trouble. Fukushima is only 200 miles away from Tokyo. Finally, the government asked for help to foreign countries. Because of that we don't have enough electricity, so they stop electricity time to time and area to area, on purpose. No concerts, no work in factories, less trains, less everything to save it. People in Tokyo are already in a panic…everybody tries to buy food, batteries, gasoline…everything is gone from stores. Traffic jam…off course. We're still touring west part of main land by car. Everything is way too normal as if nothing is happening here. But if this situation doesn't get any better, I won't be able to get back to Tokyo because of the radiation. Unfortunately nobody seems to know how to stop this. Japan is in danger. Yes we're in trouble." 

Send love and light to Japan, and if you can, aid.  If you are in New York City and want to feel the power of community, check out the fundraiser at Honma Dojo on Saturday at 5:30.  My Friend Totoro, an inspiring and beautiful Hayao Miyasaki animated film about two girls who move to rural Japan and find wonder, amazement in the midst of facing their fears, will be screened. Honma Dojo is located at 58 West 11 Street, between Broadway and University Place, 5th Floor. All proceeds of the evening go to the Red Cross.