Black, Beautiful & Latin American

Professor Henry Louis Gates's series exploring the relationship between Africa and the New World continues this month with his trilogy, "Black in Latin America." The trilogy will explore the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and Peru. "Black in Latin America" will air on Tuesdays on PBS on April 19th, 26 and May 3rd at 8 p.m.

I'm so looking forward to an exciting history lesson, especially for Latinos and Latinas. So much texture in this topic. I have faith that Skip Gates will explore the complexity of our history candidly. The trailer reminded me of my fascinating interview with musician Tego Calderón several years ago in which he said that what Blacks in Latin America and the Caribbean needed was a Civil Rights movement much like the one we experienced in the US. A quote from the interview:
"I remember, too, when Celia Cruz died, a newscaster, thinking she was being smart, said Celia Cruz wasn't black, she was Cuban. She was pretty even though she's black. As if there is something wrong with being black, like the two things can't exist simultaneously and be a majestic thing. There is ignorance and stupidity in Puerto Rico and Latin America when it comes to blackness." Tego Calderón, from my interview with him in the piece titled, Black Pride.


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