Countdown to Release of My New Book "The New Latina' Bible"

My beautiful book about health, spirituality, career, sexuality, family, friendship all from a US Latina perspective will be released in two days at your favorite bookstore.

We are women (and men) who live simultaneously in two worlds. The world of our culture and the gringo world. Sometimes the two worlds clash, other times they work seamlessly. This book is a reminder of the beauty, intelligence, talent and exquisiteness of Latinos! Sometimes living under siege the way we do--in these hostile anti-immigrant times--we forget our beauty! 

Please be the first to pick one up! "The New Latina's Bible" can also be pre-ordered online at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Latino Books y Mas, Amazon or by clicking here

Thanks again to all my wonderful fans that have been there for me throughout the years, who've supported and have followed my work.  I am so grateful to you all!