Fidel Castro told young kids in Cuba that the only thing that is impossible resides in the minds of the incapacitated

A cubana who was born and raised on the Caribbean island says that this was a constant message that was ingrained into her as a child. Everyday she heard these words and repeated them like I did the pledge of allegiance, back in the day.

Whatever you may think of the Cuban dictator, one thing is clear: this is the kind of talk that gives it's young  citizenry a boost in self-esteem. By instilling young minds with the idea that the world is filled with boundless possibilities you're giving them wings to fly. This young doctor friend has since left Cuba's oppressive communist regime but the pride and limitless dreams she sees for herself and her future, her independent attitude she says that she attributes to those words from the iconic revolutionary who by the way, may be dead or alive. Imagine if instead of the vitriol and stupidity that spews from some of the mouths & minds of some of our leaders of late, kids heard this kind of uplifting talk? Imagine that...