How to properly eat a mango, pass the hot sauce, por favor...

For some people groundhogs are a sign of Spring. Others look to the earth for early sprouting of perennials like daffodils or tulips. I always look for the ladies who sell mangoes on the streets of New York City. These women come armed with special mango knives and boxes of the tropical fruit which are high in Vitamins A and C and rich in antioxidants. They proceed to carve the yummy fruits into all kinds of beautiful shapes. Maria, who parks her table in Soho on the corner of Broadway and Broome Street, confessed she's not really into the funky shapes some of her competitors are a fond of.

"No time señorita," she told me. Rather, she's into quick peeling and chopping. For $3 bucks a bag, the Ecuadorian-born vendor does provide the hot sauce and salt, a spice that is popular in Mexico and Central America. And she had the latest salsa, which now includes the lime and salt. One squirt, no mess and you are done!  The hot sauce thing is a Mexican and Central American style of eating mango. Caribbean folk usually just add a little salt and a twist of lime, but only on mangoes which are not ripe. The ripe ones are devoured just as nature intended. Welcome to Spring!


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