If you walk around focusing on what you don’t have, you will lose the magnificent opportunity to experience the wonder of what you do have.

During a guided mediation last night, one of the questions that the brilliant teacher Davidji asked was to list the things we were grateful for. For me, there were plenty of blessings. And no, I am not living a charmed life walking around in Louboutins, wearing vintage Chanel, in perfect physical, mental and spiritual health, possessing a bank account overflowing with cheddar and getting daily massages without a care in the world. I have my share of pain and problems. But instead of listing the deficits–in my back account, career, family, health, love life, and beyond—I decided to focus on all the amazing wealth that surrounds me, the great cheerleaders that love me and support my dreams, and humor me on this journey of healing, wellness and writing, the great friends that I can count on, my amazing sons who are each perfectly imperfect as they grow into great healthy young men and my great disposition to look at life with an open, joyful, and humorous heart, among many other things. As soon as I started to list all the positives that swathe my life, I felt—and this is not hyperbole, people--wealthy as a modern day hedge fund billionaire.

I realize again that I lack for nothing if I have love, compassion, health and purpose in my heart. I am grateful. I am wealthy. Thank you. I humbly ask for more.
The funny thing about human beings is that it usually takes a death, or a diagnosis of a disease, something catastrophic for most of us to focus on thing that really truly matter. It does not have to be that way.  You can take stock and be grateful everyday. And as the teacher said, when you do, you will relish in the awe of each blessing and take nothing for granted. 

It just takes a moment of contemplative reflection to be grateful for what you do have. And no one is exempt, because even in the midst of titanic insufficiency and pain, each of us can find something, a kernel, or several kernels for which to be enthusiastically and unconditionally and even ridiculously thankful.


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