It's here!!! My book has arrived...

It's here!!!!!! I received a box with copies of my latest baby, "The New Latina's Bible: The Modern Latina's Guide to Love, Spirituality, Family and La Vida," and I cried. For 30 minutes. Non-stop. Big fat happy tears. I was overwhelmed with emotion. You see a girl like me--who ate dirt as a child, who wore hand-me-down panties and clothes, who grew up poor in a barrio in Jersey, was never supposed to be a published author... not according to society's standards and expectations for little Latina girls. But I surpassed whatever boxes society wanted to place me in and continue to thrive, and strive for greatness. For truth. For love. The poor child who grew up in a shack in the Caribbean is now an Emmy winning journalist and a published author, again!

The tears are a reminder of how grateful I am to be at the place where I am today. It's also a testament to the idea that if one takes responsibilities for one's dreams, as Langston Hughes wrote, if you stay strong, focused, cutting out the haters in the process, and working honestly and hard, you can live a life to your greatest potential.

Yes, it is damn difficult to stay strong amid the drama, to stay focused with all the curve balls thrown your way, to ignore the haters who invade your heart and soul with negativity--but, it is doable. Barriers are there only to be shattered. 

Help me celebrate a book that is ultimately about love--love of culture and heritage and love of a great, noble, and dignified people.