Open your eyes, for real, and you may notice something truly inspiring in your midst

This morning on my way back from hot yoga I stopped by Staples to return some items and parked my bike by a baby elm tree. I've walked by this New York City Avenue many, many times in sunshine, rain, winter, summer and fall. But yoga does something to your awareness and life becomes new again. So I noticed a beautifully tiled wall as I stepped out of the store. This gorgeous Morrocan blue hues jumped at me. How many times and I never noticed. I was taken back to my teenage days studying philosophy at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey when I took a vow to never walk through life in a wakeful sleep. It was snowing and in the middle of College Ave and I promised myself not to let days becomes weeks, weeks become months, months years and years decades, and look back and lament-where did it all go. I remember too that I was in the middle of reading Thorton Wilder's beautiful book, The Town. I've pretty much kept to this lifestyle, today was one of those glorious moments. Because I life in a moment to moment awareness--in the moment--I have experienced many, many beautiful moments, and met really extraordinary people. Many have become friends, good friends, and others, came and seamlessly left. My lesson has been that life, when taken in small sips with eyes and soul wide open, is quiet spectacular.