Tomorrow The New Latina's Bible is officially in stores

This is a really happy time for me. And it shows in my photo. I am excited that the book that I wrote with so much love is hitting stores. Writing a book is a complicated affair. You have to find the space in your head and life to sit and get the words out. Sometimes words flow other times not. Sometimes I can't write fast enough and others, I have to stop the muse because business calls--the business that pays the bills which means freelance projects, or duties as a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I had a lot of support and cheerleaders, namely my family and loved ones. And then there are the experts to talk to--so many  who took the time to give me insight into their lives or expertise in--health, depression, beauty, self-esteem, career, relationships, spirituality, being young, being not so young, aging, sex, pleasure, cultural pride, domestic and dating violence, to name a few.  In particular there were nine experts--Adelita, Marlon, Nina, June, Emilio, Roberto, Elsie, Margarita and Rose. To you I owe great insight into my own life and the two new chapters, "Latina Blues: It's Not In Your Head," and "When Love Hurts: The Dirty Secret of Dating and Domestic Violence Among Latinas."

I am blessed that they took the time, shared their wisdom and humored me with questions and digging into places perhaps they were not ready to go. But they all did, and the end result is an honest and moving effort. And now to the photo. I don't usually look like this in my everyday. It's all the work of talented people. This photograph was shot by the talented shutterbug, Barbara Torres. The mural which you can't fully appreciate is in the lobby of my Manhattan building and painted by an artist who goes by the name, T Joseph. Barbara was assisted by the always beautiful producer and photographer, Arlene Fernandez. My hair was the work of the awesome stylist Paul Menoscal and my make up by the amazing artists, Jaqui Pullips who has awesome lip glosses, Angel Girl. All are masters in their craft, because lord knows the lighting, make up, and coiffing transformed me in ways that I still can't believe. 

Please pick up my book if you haven't yet (it's available online now) and give it a good read. Tomorrow Sunday, May Day, it hits stores. Thank you in advance for the love. I look forward to reader reviews.