The 10 New Commandments for the 21st century Latina...

When I told mother that I was worried about what to wear for tonight's book signing, she was like, "mija, don't preoccupy yourself with those things. Be yourself, have fun and share your story, who cares what you wear?" Well, it is New York City, and everyone does worry about what to wear. Fashion is in the Big Apple's DNA. During the launch of my first book I wore leather maternity pants so people who really know me are expecting some fashion forward madness. Or not. But I think mom is right...And I thank her for keeping things real. No fashion concerns, just preparing for an exquisite night. Though I'm tired from the 10 day California book tour I am profoundly grateful for all the blessings.

I'm excited to share tonight my 10 New Commandments for the modern Latina. In order to life life to your fullest expression, these rules might come in handy. Preview: lots of love, laughter, pleasure, wellness and yup, no bull***t truth to power.

Columbus Circle 
59h Street
7:30 pm

Looking forward to it all.

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