Be impeccable with your words, actions and intentions, and the universe will respond in kind

Words can be used as weapons of mass destruction. They can also be used as love drones that help give fruit to love. As the Buddhist holy book teaches, "we have total control of our actions but no control of the fruit of those actions." If we are impeccable with our words and actions, the universe will respond in kind. My mother reminded me of this truism while giving me an update on her fruit and vegetable garden. 

She has a gift that is extraordinary--mother plants and things blossom. She has a beautiful connection to the earth that is mesmerizing. Mother has an avocado fruit tree behind her home in the Caribbean and several days ago, she noticed that it wasn't flowering. She waters it twice daily because in the part of the island where she resides it is dry as the Sahara. So, as she watered it, she gently asked the tree that all she desired was six avocados this season--one for each of her children, if possible one for herself and my father. My father overheard this conversation and came down the stairs and said to the tree, "if you don't give us any fruit this year, I will chop you down with this machete." 

Mom then told the tree, "pay no attention, he has no business talking to you. And no such thing will happen!" I would have loved to have witnessed this exchange.

And so they both went upstairs to bed. No lie, the next morning at dawn mom got up as usual to water her trees and flowers and the avocado tree was teeming with flowers and tiny buds of avocados. 

She shares these stories with me not to entertain or impress me--but to remind me of the power of love and words.

I hope you that you take the story with you and think impeccable thoughts as you go about your day.