Being dysfunctional has nothing to do with class, they just have money to cover it up

So this morning I woke up to news that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with household help. Dang. Or as the Cubans will say, ño!! So many thoughts rushed to mind all this while my jaw was on the floor.  But the quote, "Being dysfunctional has nothing to do with class, they just have money to cover it up," really captures thoughts of this morning. It's one of those classic zingers from my sister Rossana Rosado and dear friend, Juan Rodriguez that was uttered almost in unison during a cookout last summer. We were talking about how the rich, and mostly white, always get a pass when it comes to all the drama that happens behind closed doors. Good lawyers, public relations experts and an all too willing media have a way of cleaning stuff up for many.

And us brown folk--well, our stuff is all out there raw and real to be dissected by a media that has no merci on us (hello portrayal of poor whites, Asians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, or any Latino subgroup and Blacks in the last century!) Recently, anytime you see Latino and Blacks in America series it's always about the negative crazy going on in our communities. Drug abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse. Airing out our dysfunction has been a classic theme for eager media companies that cover brown and poor communities. If you repeat it enough, it sticks. Stereotypes begin. And sadly, we even believe the madness.

The Terminator's lies, adultery, betrayal of his wife, people of California, and possible sexual harassment--she was an employee, after all--is a reminder that this sort of sordid drama happens at all levels of American society not just in poor ghettos and the projects. Yes, Virginia, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, incest, child abuse, cheating, and lying, fathering kids out of wedlock and all around tacky nasty happens behind doors of homes and Mac-mansions located in perfectly manicured grass lawns with Lexus and BMW's in two door garages.

I am not judging, just saying.

Maybe it's time that CNN or the FOX network produce a series called, "Rich in America," and air all the dysfunction that happens with a certain group of privileged, mostly white, folks. It's the only fair and balanced thing to do.