I'm getting some blog love...

A regular day consists of?
SANDRA: No such thing as a regular day in my life but, these are the things I try to do on a daily basis: Meditate, hug my kids, (they say it takes one hug a day to survive, two hugs to thrive, and three to fly… so I hug a lot;) hot yoga or bike ride, try to get in some kind of body movement; phone call to mom in the Caribbean to get status reports on the many fruit trees and vegetables in her garden (the latest, the two pineapples we ate last summer and she planted have sprouted and will bear fruit soon;) lots of internet stuff ie: blogging, emailing, FB, tweeting, writing, reading, cooking. And all while listening to my Pandora stations, John Coltrane and Donna De Lory on heavy rotation these days.

How do you define success?
SANDRA: I define success if I live my life to fullfill my greatest potential. If I have health, love, friendship, and purpose in my heart — I am wealthy and successful. Success is also being able to live with dignity which to me is walking in step with my individual, moral compass and never negotiating what I believe in for the sake of expediency. And finally, success is making a living doing what I most love most, writing. Oh, and being able to have the flexibility to nap daily is a sure sign of success, to me!