Live your life like it's golden...wear your freedom around your neck.

I woke up this morning living my life like Jill Scott, 'living my life like its golden and wearing my freedom around my neck.' For anyone who has ever tried living like that--it works. And people around you feel it. The bus was extremely packed this morning and the driver shut the door. Then he saw me standing and opened it just for me saying, "come in, you know you bad." Bad as in good.

Ready to go live on CNN en Español on Mercedes Soler's Notimujer show. Excited. Praying that my Spanish doesn't fail me. Tune in 12 noon.


  1. First .. I love Jill Scott and her lyrics always inspire me!

    Second... Sometimes I also have the same thought "Hope my spanish doesn't fail me" *sigh* lol -- but hey, we have to keep speaking it, so we don't lose it, right?

    Side Note: I read the original Latina Bible while in college and it was so much fun to read! I loved that my sorority (Sigma Lambda Gamma( was mentioned! I'll be reading the new one and passing it on to my sister who is now in college too!

    I'll be reading more from the blog! Thanks!!
    Diana L.