My message of love, life and wellness in fourteen chapters...

Here is a menu for you. Each chapter aims to touch on every part of a woman's life. The menu of ingredients found in my new book, The New Latina's Bible is vast. Don't ask me for a favorite because each is special for its own reason. The book can be read from end to beginning, from middle to end or front to end. It's what you are feeling and what you are needing at the moment. But, the structure starts with the woman and the relationships that form us and are the core of who we are and how we are molded--our mothers, parents and familia. Then, the book takes off from there to explore the outer shell, inner shell, wellness, love, sexuality, relationships, career, culture and the little beautiful beings in our lives, kids.

1.         Surviving your mother, La Familia and el que diran without
going loca!

2.         Que bella soy: see that pretty girl in the mirror there?

3.         The Healthy Latina: Self care is sound care

4.         Latina Blues: It’s not in your head

5.         Talk Circles: The Power of Latina Friendship

6.         Centering Your Soul: Spirituality Latina Style

7.         Secrets of Latina Dating: The Latin Girl’s Rule Revealed!

8.         Latina sexual mystique: The Hot Tamale, The Latin Lover and Other Lethal Myths

9.         Love and Relationships: La Novia, La Esposa and the Case of the Quasi-Esposa

10.       Marrying outside La Raza: Ten Things to Know Before You Marry a White Guy

11.       When Love Hurts: The Dirty Secret of Dating and Domestic Violence Among Latinas

12.       Finding Professional Success: The Get Ahead Guide for the Modern Latina

13.       Going Home—To Your Roots

14.       Los Futuros: Taking care of our Hermanitas and Hermanitos 

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