They say watch what you ask for, coz you might receive. And I did, and I do...

How do you explain magic? The New York City launch of my book was spectacular. Borders Columbus Circle has never seen so many beautiful and intelligent Latinas and Latinos ever! Actually, there were folks from all over the world, South Africa via Brooklyn, Jewish via Chelsea, Irish via Manhattan and the Black south, heck even Queens was in the house. A melting pot of amazing human beings. And, all there for me! The room was filled to capacity and my book sold out--all 225 books gone! 

Rossana Rosado, the CEO and publisher of El Diario La Prensa was a phenomenal hostess. She reminded all of us why she has had a stellar career in media. Simply brilliant. Rosie Perez was just as graceful and beautiful. The crowd was all love. I realized, flanked by two amazing and inspirational women, and surrounded by a loving group of people, how deeply blessed I am.

I was able to remind all the beautiful women and brave men who said presente that they were uniquely handcrafted by divine feminine and masculine energies. That they are sacred. And that living life to their fullest expression means incorporating a new manifesto.

In the next few days, I will expand on each of these. Here they are the 10 Commandments for the 21st Century Latina:

1. You shall love yourself first and foremost.
2. You shall take care of the earth.
3. You shall have a holy moment or moments each day to tune in to yourself.
4. You shall honor your familia, raza and community.
5. You shall discover, nurture and share your unique gift with the world.
6. You shall not covet your sister’s man or woman.
7. You shall always have a strong circle of female friends and help celebrate each other.
8. You shall not traffic in gossip.
9. You shall surround yourself with positive people. 
10. You shall never go out with cabronesNunca as in never.