Your life is worth recording, keep a journal...

These are sacred words: your life is worth recording. It comes from a quote that I really adore, “A life that is worth living is a life worth recording.” If you recognize that every life is sacred, then the quote is even more powerful. And one of the most profound ways you can do this recording is through journaling. Keeping a journal is a sacred art that is being lost.

Journaling is recording your inner life on paper. Your dreams, thoughts, goals, fears and your inner poetry… all on display for you to see and act on. You can write, take photos, draw or film. The way you record your story is a very personal expression. While while today's technology allows this recording to happen online—via blogging, tweeting, etc--the kind of journaling that I'm talking about is old school--pen to paper. And private.

It’s like a conversation with yourself. For me, journaling as a young girl was a life saver. I started journaling when I was nine years old. And have done so ever since,  albeit, intermittently. My little girl diaries were pink, and had tiny keys that I would lock and keep safely under my pillow. Journaling helped me as a young woman make sense of things. As I got older, it allowed me to process and analyze, organize myself.  I've used journals to set goals, desires, dreams. It has been a way to remember my past. I haven't kept a journal in a while because most days after my last newspaper job, I had no words left to write. But now I am back and it's so beautiful. I have a grateful journal as a reminder of all the beautiful blessings that exist all around me. It keeps me grounded and focused on the good stuff. For mother's day, I gave my mother a journal, and a nice pen, and I asked her to write her poetry--which she has in scraps of paper all over her house, to list her recipes, dichos, and random thoughts. I told her it was the only thing I wanted to inherit. I have a friend who gave each of her kids--five--feeling journals. And when they want to share, she is open to reading them. She said it helped keep everyone sane during rough patches. There are different ways to journal, find your own.

It's very important to keep your book safe for privacy so make sure that you store it in a place that no one will get to it. You don't your stuff out there.  Unless you want to.  For the newbies, getting started is easy--a notebook, a pen. And while I want to say just do it, like that sneaker commercial, I'll share what I told a group of women this morning during a journaling workshop at Semillas Community Schools. I asked a them to begin their journal by writing the lyrics to a song about themselves. It's called, “I am.”  This is my song in today's journal:

I am abundance
I am beauty
I am joy
I am laughter
I am compassion
I am fun
I am talent
I am wise
I am tenderness
I am limitless in possibilities
I am a Goddess
I am a warrior
I am strength
I am love
I am divine
I am the universe

Happy journaling my beautiful señoritas.