Are you free to live in the way you were meant to be?

What keeps you from having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself?
What traumas or memories have a grip on you so tight that they rob you of blissful intimacy with your loved one? 
Is it a painful past? 
Is it feeling unworthy? 
How long will you allow your past--however painful it has been--continue to keep you in chains?

Being relentlessly attached to our painful memories is dangerously unhealthy--spiritually, mentally and physically. Our wounds become such an integral part of our daily lives that we become addicted to them--in many cases--even be defined by them. Truth is that we are layers of our past--they are part of our biography. The hurts live in our bodies much like the joys. But it's the painful memories that keep us  from moving toward the light. Holding on to traumas keep us from growing, accepting and loving ourselves fully. The Eastern mystics believe that we are meant to walk through our wounds, not stay in them. Acknowledging the wounds, 'stepping into them so to speak," forgiving ourselves and those who wounded us is truly part of the stuff that allows each of us to grow spiritually strong to be at a place where we can truly honor ourselves.

Yes, self care and self love can include delicious bubble baths--or in my case last night--in the Day One of the 30-Day Self Love Challenge--a Celopatra-like milk and honey bath. But self love is so much deeper. In Day Two in the 30-Day Self Love Challenge ask yourself the tough questions. Stay with them... ponder... answer them honestly. Your answers may hold the key to the beginning of your healing.