Happy summer solstice...

We are children of the sun, of light, and the stars. And today's majestic summer solstice presents a perfect opportunity to acknowledge that beautiful fact.

What are you doing to celebrate? Bringing ceremony into your life--however tiny--will connect you to the sacred inside of you.  It will connect you to others, and help you repurpose your intention. Try it, guarantee you'll feel it. And today is a good day as ever to celebrate. Native people around the world will be singing, dancing, smudging, and connecting to mother earth as the sun reaches its highest point.

If you haven't already planned, do something special to welcome this powerful shift of stations. According to Reba Cain If you've been thinking about change in your life-- welcome new things, embarking on a new project, starting an exercise routine, anything new today is a great day to start. The theme of today's solar eclipse is to replace old beliefs with big picture things.

I will be dancing, meditating, and celebrating. Oh, and later today, I will be checking out 99 drummers at Morningside Park in Harlem as they drum for the light.

It's an auspicious day of new beginnings and I want some of that light!