My EMMY has arrived....

I sent the statue for repair and it's finally home.  Long story short, it goes like this: the statue fell and broke in two. Cleaning lady, me... don't quite remember. All I know is that I was devastated but not so much as to do anything about it. For years, the broken pieces languished in a plastic bag, waiting to be sent for repair. Thinking back, it may have been a metaphor for how I viewed my career at the time. While outstanding, it lingered, fragmented in two. I was then writing and editing stories for a major media company under some very challenging conditions. I pined to write stories that came from deep inside my soul under different conditions. The idea that I allowed my career to be outstanding and lag in a dark place was something that I have been thinking about a lot. Talking to hundreds of women who I've been blessed to meet at my book signings has brought up intimate and intriguing conversations. We take ourselves for granted. Yes, me, the one who wrote the Guide for Modern Day Latinas has been there and done that, a lot. What you thought I was flawless? Every day is filled with teachable moments.

I get it... many times in life, we focus on other things and forget ourselves. Today, I am grateful and thankful to be awake and taking care of business--I am my business. My beautiful writing career is my business. Several months ago, I was cleaning my closets, just having completed the edits and writing of "The New Latina's Bible" and, there it was, in a dark corner, the forgotten bag. I rushed the statue for repair. And it's here... all new, glowy and beautiful just like I am feeling inside these days.  The EMMY was awarded to me in 1994 for "Outstanding Political Programming" for a  show that I produced at the NYC Telemundo station titled "Embargo Contra Cuba."  It explored the Cold War policy against the communist island. Nothing special, just solid reporting on an issue that is as emotional as it is political.

Back to today: teachable moments are everywhere...I learned that it's quite a healthy exercise to clean closets. What you find might beautifully surprise you. 

Do you have any parts of you that are broken, forgotten, languishing in a corner, waiting for you to take notice? Waiting for you to have it repaired? Are you taking your outstanding self/career/potential for granted? It's worth exploring. 

My statue being back in my home in one gorgeous piece is a reminder that things can be made whole, literally and metaphorically. It's about taking that first step go in, recognize and act. For me, it is about living congruent with my spirit: If I do work that I love that educates, celebrates, inspires, and contributes positively to the betterment of my world, it is timeless, and priceless. And, if you are lucky enough, award winning too! And while it's super cool to be the recipient of an EMMY, the real award isn't necessarily a shiny statue--rather, the internal tranquility that you are living a humble life cultivating your  potential in small and big ways, everyday and in every way.