Thank you Washington Heights for coming out...another extraordinary night

How do  you explain magic? A friend, William Omar, once described it to me as "a night when all the smiles and accolades are sincere. A night when the moon comes out not just as a natural act, but to shine especially for you." Well such as night it was in the Heights last night. The standing room only crowd included women of different ages--from 75-yr. old abuelitas to tweens who love Justin Bieber, from young mothers to college students! Dominicanas, Cubanas, Colombianas, Panameñas, Costariquenãs, Puertorriqueñas, Salvadoreñas, Ecuatorianas...An array of Pan Latino beauty wanting to connect around around feminine energy and self-love, around cultural pride and Latina beauty. (One beautiful sister bought 30 of my books to give out to her staff. The bookseller sold out!!)

The conversation was beautiful and powerful. Very empowering. And, yes intense. I asked for a show of hands hands who practiced self-love? Only 10 percent of the women in the audience raised their hands. The overwhelming majority were amazingly honest and admitted that all the other daily duties  come before themselves. Tragic I think...

Self-care is at the core of our lives and yet we knowingly ignore it. Women are socialized to take care of others first and then after we are done, we can turn to us. It's making us mentally and physically sick, and if you don't believe me, check out the collective statistics on Latina health! 

I decided on the spot to challenge these women--the 90 percent-- to try a brave new thing-- a 30-day self love challenge. Experts say that it takes 21-days to incorporate a new habit or kick an addiction. If you do something consistently for 21 days it becomes a habit and the beginning of a new lifestyle. Thirty days of everyday taking the time to nurture and pamper and really think of yourself as someone who matters enough to care for her, is the start of a shift in perspective.  Naturally, I am going join the brave women who publicly committed to loving themselves--just a little bit each day. I do so already, but just for fun, I will share what I do for me with you.

Today, I plan to take two hours to pamper me. It will start with a delicious Cleopatra bath. I have a half gallon of milk that is expired by two days & just too amazing to throw out. So, I will use it as a warm milk and honey bath. Vanilla scented candles. This will be coupled with a grateful meditation. And the rest of the evening curling up on the couch finishing the beautiful book, The Anatomy of Spirit by Dr. Carolyn Myss-- a perfect end to a most magical week when the moon shone for me.

Those of you who are doing the 30-Day Self-love Challenge, I encourage you to buy a journal, a notebook will do, and take notes on each of the days to watch your progress--list what it is that you are doing for yourself, how much time you are taking, how you feel about this most momentous undertaking of "calling back your spirit" as Dr Myss writes. 

Start small 15 minutes a day if its scary, but start because when you truly incorporate self-love at the cellular level, it's the beginning of a life filled with health, joy, and personal power where nothing is impossible and every day is a gift.

Good luck my beautiful señoritas.


  1. the pleasure was all ours in attendance, you could feel the positivity flowing in the room, nice to see several men of all ages there too. It was a true pleasure to meet you, didn't get a chance to tell you that I've been doing the 15 mins a day for myself for the past 5 yrs but I am starting today to expand that to an hour or more a day starting w/ a spa mani/pedi. Have a beautiful weekend!! :)

  2. Practicing self love is critical to health of mind, body and spirit. So often we think that it is selfish or we are not deserving which is breaking us down. Thank you for challenging us to focus on caring and loving ourselves at least 15 minutes a day. God bless and continued success. You have an important message and your ability to speak from what is real and true allows your message to resonate deep within - Jo

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