A beautiful project exploring Latinos in America goes on exhibit

The gorgeous portraits of more than a dozen Latino influentials by the talented photographer and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders will be on view at the Brooklyn Museum from August 19th thru December 11, 2011. I am biased, I worked on this project. I encourage you to go see it

The large scale photographs will run with excerpts of a film by the same title which explores intimate stories of successful notables in an array of fields.  The diversity of the subjects on the list is fascinating, from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, to hot as hell Pitbull to model Christy Turlington-Burns, to America Ferrara. Each explored what it means to be Latino in 21st century US and shared the joys and challenges of their journeys. 

Fellow journalist Maria Hinojosa and I conducted the interviews. The production team on this project was first rate and were a joy to work with. 

The subject themselves were moving and inspiring. More details on the film at a later date. But reserve the date on your calendar: the film directed by Greenfield-Sanders will debut on HBO on September 29, 2011