Are you cultivating your unique gift & are you sharing it with the world?

Some of us are born to sing, others to dance, yet others to heal, cook, or write. Yea, some of us were born to make people laugh!

Each of us -- and I mean every single human being on this earth --  has a unique song. A purpose... And it is our duty to find this gift, nurture it and share it with the world. In sanskrit it's called dharma and it holds that each being has a unique gift to share with the world. Deepak Chopra discusses this in his wonderful book. "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success." The Christians call it "a calling." For the ancient Mayans it was an inherent energy that was bestowed upon each human being that came from the feminine, masculine, and cosmological energies that were present at the time of conception.

Bottom line: while calling it different names, it's the same concept: each human being has a purpose that when tapped and shared will not only enrich the person but the world. There are so many ways that each of us expresses that unique voice. And it doesn't have to be huge, i.e Oprah, Einstein, Mother Theresa. In fact, it starts small. With your passions, your loves, your unique ways of loving and living and seeing life. It's living right with yourself. In fact, the closest translation of dharma is righteous living.

Have you found your purpose or gift? Are your nurturing it? Are you, as the ancients Indians ask, walking in your dharma?

You know you are living your dharma when you experience bliss and receive bliss. I've found it in writing. It brings me joy to write and to share my writing. I find connection and inspiration. I feel empowered. And, yes, joy. When we experience other people walking in their dharma, our soul recognizes it. Think of musicians who take us to pure bliss when they sing or play their instrument. Or chefs, when we taste their alchemical creations.  Or actors who move us to tears, fear or laughter? Writers who unlock doorways to freedom that show us paths to discovering things about ourselves that we did not know. Dharma is deeply felt because it comes from that mysterious place where the expression is not forced or contrived. It just flows... Elegantly.

Have you found your dharma? Are you still trying to figure out your purpose?

Check in with yourself, honestly:

  • If money, health, time were no object, what would you do?
  • If you had no fear, what would you try doing?
  • What are your passions? 
  • What are the things make you happy? 

If the answers don't come easily, have patience. Meditation can and does help. Sometimes it takes us a lifetime to discover our purpose because it's been drowned out by a lifetime of denial. The more brave thing is not necessarily knowing what your purpose is, rather, accepting and living this gift. There is the key space where real courage happens because it may mean for many of us abandoning a life that superficially we have become accustomed to living.  But know this, living in bliss means living in dharma. It is not a magic bullet available to some evolved being, it is available to us all. It is available to you.


  1. THIS IS AMAZING! I love it when more & more people write articles like this because team work makes everything stronger and uplifts our spiritual vibration of the planet, healing our ways and creating more fruitful lives. Just imagine if everyone knew what their purpose was and had the courage to fulfill it! This world would be paradise. I do believe that it was intended to be paradise but many people have become disconnected from the light. Though it's not their fault because of what we've been fed by the media at such early ages, it's time that we silence ourselves long enough to listen to our inner, divine, compass of truth. Thank you for posting this and I will definitely share it!!!


  2. Jas,

    Thank you for the kind words... your insight is spot on. If you haven't, check out a beautiful book filled with light called The Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carolyn Myss.

    Happy days for you.