I'm going to my first gay wedding tomorrow...

I will be attending my first gay wedding tomorrow afternoon and I am over the moon. Juan and Nelson are special to me for many reasons. Their elegance, generosity and dignity as a couple and as individuals is inspiring.  Both men show dignity in health, in dis-ease, in joy and in the metaphoric rain and sunshine of life.

I will be taking my 9 yr. old son to witness this marvelous display of love and commitment. He is super excited too! I love that my little guy did not bat an eye when I told him Juan and Nelson were tying the knot and that he was coming with me. The only thing he wanted to know was if there would be other children present.

Juan and Nelson have been together for 35 years. How many straight couples you know have lasted that long? We live in an age where partners and lovers are disposable much like iPhones. We discard people and relationships same way we do technology--when the next new updated version comes along, we exit. This couple's love is enduring and gorgeous to witness. They have been a couple much longer that most straight couples I know. One could say, maybe my circle is like that - but I look at statistics and it's true across the nation. This couple show straight folks how its really done and I love them for it!

It took New York state much too long to legalize gay marriage, but I am proud that my home state finally saw the light. And as they said in the 60's, we finally showed other states that 'right has might!'  May marriage equality become the law of the land. And mazel tov to Juan and Nelson on their wonderful public declaration of love.