Sundays are a great for being still

In stillness I find peace.
In stillness I find focus.
I stillness I find purpose.
In stillness I find the sacred.

In stillness I find me.

Meditation is recent addition to my life that has transformed me. I am more patient, loving, creative and calm. I am more compassionate. And, most of all, I am more awake. I never thought I would be able to meditate because I have lots of nervous energy and all the thoughts running through my mind wouldn't let me relax. But guess what, the more I meditate, the better I get at tuning out the outside world and tuning into me.

If you've never tried meditation -- sitting still, focusing on your breath for 15 minutes with your eyes closed in a comfortable place -- today is good day to try.

Check one Chopra Center's guided meditations. My favorite is the Grateful Meditation. But, check out the menu of offerings, whether it's empowerment or help to unblock your creativity, this is an excellent list of free offerings for beginners.

Happy Sunday! Happy meditating.


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