Celebrities, they're just like us...Khloe Kardashian dines on Puerto RIcan fare in NYC

Khloe Kardashian and her hubby Lamar Odom dined on Puerto Rican food last night at the famous eatery in mid-town Manhattan, Sofrito. How do I know--I know someone who works there. To be fair, my source  has shared some very interesting stories about other famous people whom he's served at the Carlos Beltran owned spot--the bad tippers, the decent ones, the ones who chew with their mouths open-- but I've never thought to write about them. But, I have cabin fever, been sick for a couple of days nursing a sore throat, a stiff neck, and why not... news this is not, but still.

The order:
Lamar ate oxtails. Having had the succulent dish at the restaurant, I think he ordered a great dish. . (I am not, but each time I go, my favorite is the lobster mofongo.) The Kardashian sister ate arroz con pollo Puerto Rican style. It's one of the most authentic dishes on the menu. I checked out her Twitter page and she tweeted hours before descending into the spot that is decorated with the beautiful and smart artwork of De La Vega's, "so many places to choose from." PS Odom is a regular there and has visited the spot without her many times.

She drank champagne with strawberries, he Remy with Amareto which they couldn't fully enjoy because a the end of their meal, the bus boy spilled the drinks. (See tip, below.)

She looks like she really loves him.
They look comfortable and easy with each other. And make a stunning couple: he is a big ass man and she is a gorgeous amazonian woman.

Being famous can suck, a little -- actually, a lot.
Flashbulbs flashed during their entire meal.
Everyone in the eatery pulled out smartphones and cameras and snapped up, through out the entire meal. At one point, the owner asked people to bring it down a notch. People are rude, they just don' let the famous eat in peace. I've witnessed that with many celebrities that I have dined or interviewed in public. Fans can be, well, often are ridiculously rude.

She is very sweet, he is a cool, chill dude.

OK tippers:
$100 on a free meal... lame (my observation, not my source)

Last observation:
As they left the eatery, everyone shouted to her, "We love you Khloe!"