Did you read my book? Did you like it? Don't leave me hanging... do tell

How will I ever know what your thoughts are about my book, The New Latina's Bible, if you don't share? Do tell! And I mean it-- the good, the great and the gorgeous? Or, on the other hand, if you were you so disappointed that you want your money and time back, I want to hear as well. Go ahead, express yourself. I can take it! 

If my words inspired you, made you feel a little bigger, wiser, stronger and that you fully understand to your core that being Latina is indeed a wondrous thing let me know. By the way, if you think that my book sucked, I wanna know as well.  I know that I am opening up a can of worms by asking for feedback but as an author, it's important for me to hear back. It informs my work in a nuanced way. Paulo Coehlo, one of my favorite authors, has set the publishing world by storm by using the Internet to give out free content and connect with his readers. Like him, I too like to engage and dialogue with my readers.

Yesterday, I received a message from Jessica, a brave heart who lifted my day with her message. My book came at a time when she needed to feel uplifted. I asked her permission to post:

"Dear Sandra, 

I'm not sure if you read these messages but I thought I'd send it anyway. I separated from my husband on June 15th and I'm only 27 years old, have a great career, have a great support system and yet hit rock bottom thinking that I was "damaged and a failure." I've been in psychotherapy and reading books but these emotions continued. I purchased your book about one month ago. I took my time reading through it and highlighted my way through until the end. I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time out to write a book that touched home. I continue to reflect on some of the chapters when I am not feeling as strong and worthy as I am. THANK YOU! From a proud Latina!, Jessica"

Here's another review which I accidentally I found on Amazon by Candidez:

I love this bible/book. I feel like it speaks directly to me. I can relate to everything the author speaks about as well as the different stories shared by other women. It is tough being a Latina, but I love everything about it and I am so proud of my culture, my heritage, my family. Couldn't have asked for anything better to read this summer vacation. I highly recommend it.