Lessons from superheroes...

"We are all unique in our own way. To be honest, we've all struggled in our own way to get to where we are today. But what better reason to do that than to be a superhero," says Superman to his Justice League comrades on introducing the latest hero to his team, his cousin, Supergirl.  

I was watching cartoons recently with my young son when that nuanced line struck out. Not being a big fan of comic books, growing up or even now, I am sure that this is superhero talk all day long. So yes, I am late to the game. But, how wonderful it was for me to hear that one of my boy's favorite heroes was reinforcing something that is an undeniable fact of life: each of us is unique and it's in that singularity where we find our power. When we struggle may it be because we are doing it for something as big and wonderful as it is to be a champion that fights for what is right. And what is right at its core starts with accepting yourself as a unique superhero and that nurturing that self for its complete fulfillment of it's unique expression will take time and be challenged with all sorts of crazy drama. 

Many of us--for a million little reasons--can't look at ourselves in the mirror and see superhero. We believe what a friend calls, "the barcode" that society, family or tradition has placed on our potential and our ability to see ourselves in the purest of forms: a spectacular creation that was handcrafted from the perfect combination of feminine and masculine energies. This blind spot keeps us from blossoming and yes, reaching higher heights. 

The trick is, as Superman affirms, to recognize that each of will come across struggles to get to where the elite heroes go. So if you are struggling today, let not that be in vain. Go for superhero status. See that superhero in the mirror!