Live...Life...Like...You 'Effing Mean it ladies (and the few gents who follow me!)

Some us--correction--too many of us, live life going thru the motions like we were in a low level comfortable coma. We get up, work, go to school, eat, sleep--ay mi madre--even have sex--in a robotic state. And then we start it all over it again, day in, day out. The reasons are many (undiagnosed clinical depression, stuck in the pain of yesterday, financial worries, sickness, a belief in what haters in our lives have said about us, etc., etc) and how tragic. Living like this, David Simon calls it a "comfortably" numb, robs of us of the amazing grace and pure joy that our existence on earth has to offer. This morning during a walk in the park, I bumped into these two birds feasting on breakfast. I was delirious. Yup. Blissful. And I feel grateful that I can constantly tune in the moment of live my life with humble appreciation of even the tiniest things. 

I remember a old friend who when calling would ask "how is your day?" I would always respond, "great!" And he'd say, "what's so great about today?"... as if. Living and breathing coño, that is deliciously great! Yes, I could have and still can potentially list a slew of things that were/are not so great in my life (insert sad emoticons here) but why focus on deficits when I can rejoice in the surplus. 

Healing the heart is not an easy and quick fix. It took me years to get to here, to now. Read my book and you'll understand some of that journey. But it it does start with a commitment to shift perspective. There are many many ways to handle the curve balls that come at you and that cause a lot more than strike outs in our lives. I've found that for me, it's not how many strike outs, but how I've learned to respond to the dramas that will forever come my way. The difference between then and now is how I recover. And what I choose to focus on. 

And, we are all made up of the same material -- no matter how rich, beautiful, skinny, educated or famous -- we are all made up of the same sweet universal stuff. And the capacity to heal and shift perspective where you find joy in the moment is always and forever available. I want to share David Simon's monthly message. It's all about healing the heart.