There is promise of growth when you try something new...

Stretch your mind, body & soul today and do something - anything -  that makes you uncomfortable.

This photograph was taken in the middle of a morning nature walk in Martha's Vineyard halfway between the start of the 16 mile hike and a gorgeous beach that awaited me. It's a pond where dragon flies meet every morning. It is a peaceful and gorgeous place filled with natural beauty. And it was the place where I confirmed once again the beauty of trying something new. My first morning hike ever. I got up at the crack of dawn -- something I find very uncomfortable, drove a few miles w a group of friends and hit the trail. I don't hike and certainly not in the mornings. But, it was a beautiful experience. And there will be more morning hikes in my future. I felt my spirit soar with every new tree, shrub, butterfly, flower and dragon fly that I encountered.  I hold on to that feeling because as comfy as my warm bed was that morning, and as comfy as I was in my pre-hiking days -- I know how sweet it is to try something new. It's was a simple thing yes, -- hiking -- but it was more than that. We get all complacent and seldom go beyond what we know, what makes us comfortable. Who can blame us -- if it feels good & safe, stay with it. But it's a natural thing to keep changing, evolving. Once thing is guaranteed, comfort zones were made to be stepped out of. Try it today and watch yourself grow.