Bello Belafonte

Singer, actor, activist Harry Belafonte's documentary, "Sing Your Song," is a moving look not only at the artist's storied life in entertainment, but his insatiable social activism. His involvement in every major political movement since the 1960's is inspiring-- from the marches for equality and voting rights in the South, to the Vietnam War, to advocating for Native American rights, to fighting for Nelson Mandela's freedom and against apartheid, to fighting against America's occupation in Haiti, to eradicating the famine in Ethiopia and beyond. Belafonte's continual activism is powerful and provocative.  His life as an entertainer takes backstage and the story of America, its schizophrenia around issues of equality and justice and sweet promise of a more perfect union, takes center stage. 

Throughout his life, Belafonte has shown an unflinching commitment for what is right and with grace and focus he has illustrated how fame and art can be used to inspire our better angels and achieve extraordinary social changes. At 84 years of age, the courageous activist shows no signs of slowing down. He is now shining light on what is being called modern day slavery: the imprisonment of millions of young black and Latino men. 

The film, which debuted on HBO October 17 and is on demand, is an an engaging and inspiring slice of American history as told through the prism on one man's remarkable life. "Sing your Song," is very much worth watching. If you have young ones in your life, watch it with them. 

At the end of Belafonte's sweet life and sweetest of songs, I was left thinking to myself: how can I be of service to not only my country but to the planet. I bet others will too.