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The Huff Post's Cindy Rodriguez gave me a challenging assignment: list my favorite 10 books by Latino or Latina authors that I think every Latino should read. A most difficult task because I have a lot more than ten books on my list and harder yet because I don't just limit myself to Latina or Latino authors. I read all kinds of authors: male, female from all corners of the world. I read authors who are dead and living. I read in Spanish and English, so my possibilities are times two!

But here is the story:

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, HuffPost LatinoVoices spoke with former Latina magazine editor-in-chief and Puerto Rican author, Sandra Guzman about the books she feels Latinos should be reading.
In addition to her top 10 recommendations, readers can pick up a copy of her second-edition guidebook for Latinas, "The New Latina's Bible: The Modern Latina’s Guide to Love, Spirituality, Family, and La Vida" where she updates the original edition with two new chapters on Depression and Domestic Violence.
Guzman says, "I wanted to write the book to give the reader a sense of where we were in terms of statistics. When the first edition came out, there were 40 million Latinos in the U.S., now it's 50 million. I think in many ways it's a Latina feminist manifesto."
When asked how Guzman celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month? "I celebrate my heritage everyday, all day. It's my essence," said Guzman.