Collaging from the inside out... a lush, vibrant, messy activity with many lessons

This past weekend I spent a day being with me. This Day of Me was organized by an amazing woman whose gift to heal is a fascinating thing to experience. The heart of the day was centered around collaging, something I had never done before and frankly, something I never really desired to do. Some people collage, some don't. I didn't.

Elena Hull, a sweet and patient creative arts therapist, led the group of women who had gathered for the day in this most interesting endeavor. She filled the space with sacred-- a beautiful circle with candles and flowers in the middle of a large room  replete with magazine cut outs, poems, ribbons, paints, water color crayons, golden glitter glue, post cards and more. Despite the fact that I found the collaging uninspiring -- I thought of a thousand things that I could be doing on a sunny Fall afternoon-- I went at it with gusto. I allowed the images to find me and found myself picking up the fierce spirit of Frida Khalo, a photo of a Modigliani girl, young women, older women, women of all ages and attitudes entered my sphere. I had red rose petals from a walk on the grounds earlier in the day and I decided to include them. I picked a white rose bud that I pasted by Frida. A rock shaped like a heart went on by the ballet dancer in a red tutu whose arms call to the sky, the center of it all. There were some crystals left and Elena offered them. I took her glittery offerings and gently glued each of the tiny jewels on the foreheads of several of the women, the third eye. A reminder to listen to my inner guidance. Our inner guidance...

My collage is lush, and very, very busy. It's a vibrant burst of feminine power and energy. With the exception of the lion, a man and a woman in a sensual horizontal embrace and an image of an ocean in sunset, it was all about feminine beauty.

The first of all pleasures...

I like it. I am not sure that I would volunteer to collage again, maybe. But that is not my point. The lesson I realized after completing my project is that despite the fact that collaging was not something that I was into, or could it be that collaging was not into me -- I learned something new about me. That is: that I have an openness, commitment and perseverance to keep evolving, to keep allowing for growth into my life even if it takes me to uncomfortable places. A valuable lesson that I would not have learned had I resisted the offering by my beautiful sister friend, the one who heals.

I wanted to share this lesson with you. And I wanted to ask you to ask yourself this: what can you do today that you are not really into? What uncomfortable space are you resisting that you can surrender to with an open heart? It will feel annoying, and yes, uneasy, but in the act of surrendering, you allow yourself to discover essential parts of you, and in that process that is growth. And growth my beautiful sisters, is good.