The Latino List, it's now on demand on HBO

The power of this cinematic portrait of Latinos in the United States at the beginning of the century is that it’s not just the portrait of one individual, but rather of a sector of the United States of America that now represents the fastest growing demographic group. At 50 million plus, this community is made up of a diverse group of migratory experiences, countries of origin, race and religion. These are the faces of what America is becoming.

The doc aired on HBO on Thursday and its now on demand. Interviewing the notables, including Pitbull and Dr Marta Moreno Vega, was inspiring and fun. Working alongside the film's director, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who also directed the acclaimed The Black List, and his team, was an awesome learning experience.

This is a slice of Americana. These are two trailers that I love.

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