Morning glory, the perfect coffee ritual that starts my day... happy sunday

I slowly sip my steaming cup of coffee, taking in full lungs of this delicious elixir, gently and slowly. I do this in bed each morning. I linger in the warmth of my sheets with my morning half sleepy/half awake self. My bedroom often feels like a womb, safe and perfect. I am grateful, always, to be where I am, no matter where that "where I am" finds me.

I am being with myself during this morning exercise. It's what I call a holy moment with self. I listen to sweet music. Today, John Coltrane's beautiful tune, "Acknowledgment" kicked it off and his equally gorgeous "Psalm" completed it. Other times, it's quiet and I listen to the soft churn of the ceiling fan. Urban birds sometimes come pay me a surprise visit and sing their morning song by my window.

This daily rite is a lovely moment that I carve out selfishly and lovingly for me. It is where I fully tap into the moment.

I thank a dear friend, Sol, for sharing her ritual with me and offering a new pathway to enter each day whole and ready.

I share this with you this glorious Sunday morning so that if you find yourself without a daily ritual, you may discover one. And may you usher into your life a morning rite that quiets the chaos of your external duties and connects you to internal stillness -- where I truly believe the sweet spot of the universe is located.