Wise woman says: Iyanla Van Zant's words to live by

"There is absolutely no reason to ever settle for less than the best. The only reason you get less is because you don't ask for exactly what you want. Sometimes you may think you don't deserve more than you have. At other times we think we want too much... Ask for what you want, the way you want it. From that moment on, believe it is yours."

These are the words of Iyanla Van Zant, one of my favorite authors, whom Susan Taylor rightly calls our national treasure. Her book, "Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color" is a gem that I've had since it was first published nearly a decade ago. I go to it for inspiration. And this wise woman never fails me.

Today's message was so beautiful and fitting for me and for so many people that I've met along my life journey that I wanted to share part of it. 

May today you find the courage to state what you want, know that you deserve the best and have faith that it is yours.