The Day of the Dead is also a day when life is affirmed...

Today, on the second day of El Dia de los Muertos, is a good as any day to create an altar, a special symbol of remembrance to those who are no longer living. To people around the world, altars are a away to celebrate the deities or a sacred space to pay homage to the deceased. It's a place where connection between two dimensions -- past and present - the living and the dead is made.  But it's not just about death. As I write in my book, "an altar is also a place where life is affirmed." I included a guide to creating an altar in the chapter titled: Centering your Soul: Spirituality Latina Style. If you don't have a copy of my book, here's the gist of what you'll need: fresh cut flowers, an earth element such as a seashell, rock, twig, something with personal meaning, a glass of water and a candle. Find a small space, and set it up.

And remember the words of Carolyn Myss, when you light a candle every day in the same place, as a matter of honor, heaven shows up.

May your day be filled with sweetness as you affirm death, birth and rebirth.