Have your friended yourself today?

The concept of friending the self is something that is often explored during meditation. Rather than fight whatever thoughts are popping up as your try to enter the quiet space, you are encouraged to embrace and accept whatever is happening. In other words, to be a friend to your thoughts. Meditating is not about crushing the thoughts that are coming up... they are clues to your state of mind and as such, they all are important. You welcome them for a moment, acknowledge them and then let go, focusing on your breath as it goes in and out. This is gentle talk.

A friendship with self is something that is worth exploring outside of meditation. Rather than fighting your self, the idea is to embrace you as your very own good and loyal best friend. Ask yourself this: are you a friend to yourself? It is not a silly question or proposition. A good friend is loyal, supportive and loving. A good friend encourages you to achieve your dreams. A good friend does not judge. A good friend is real and honest about your virtues and your flaws! A good friend always shows up. A good friend is kind.

Have your friended yourself today? And, if not, will you show up for you? And will you show up with the best intention ever?