I'll be talking, reading & signing books in San Luis Obispo, California next Thursday, will you join me?

Can you stop by? Will you tell all your Cali friends to join me? Help me spread the good word.

Next week I will lecture on the power of tapping into your personal power. It has the potential to transform your life. It's pure gold and it resides inside each of us. No need to borrow or be envious of those who have it because we were all born with it. Nourish it! Use it! Above all, don't waste it!

"Self Empowerment: Make Challenges Become Opportunities."

When: Thursday, November 10

Where: Cal Poly Arts San Luis Obispo

Vista Grande Café

Time: 7:30 am (yikes!)
Discussion following at 10 am in Room 220 in the University Union
RSVP: Liz Cofer 805-756-0327 or at lcofer@calpoly.edu