Try not to judge yourself too harshly, today...

Salvador DalĂ­'s Pink Elephant on Stilts

Mistakes happen. Perfection is so boring and unnecessary. We are like precious works of art that take time and patience to develop. It is in this process of creating and recreating our lives where we will find the most important lessons. So, if today you fall, pick yourself up, dust the dirt off your blouse and keep it moving. Maybe you fell down so that you could learn how to get up with more grace? Or perhaps you needed to understand that sh*t happens and that ultimately, it's gonna be ok. Most of all, don't ever ignore the teachable moment. Try to learn why you fell and whatever you do, above all, do not judge the moment or yourself.

So many times we are so harsh on ourselves that we paralyze our growth. So, try not to curse the sun, the moon y los cuatro vientos, (the four winds, as the folk in my father's small town would say) when things don't go your way and you suffer setbacks. Instead, step into the mystery of your life without fear. Your greatest gift will be in appreciating that the madness is only temporary and it too shall pass. Whatever you do, keep in mind the bigger picture: you are precious and it's in the journey to your greatness where will find the most joy.