Encourage the good in your life & watch magic unfold

Have you set your intentions for 2012? I have been formulating mine gently in my head, thinking deeply about what I desire to manifest in my life in the next calendar cycle. These desires are personal, and intimate and have nothing to do with anyone else. So, my advice, take a deep breath, and carefully craft your intentions for your next year with loving care.

This beautiful chant from David Simon of the Chopra Center will help put you in the right frame of mind. Click here for it. This chant is an invitation to cultivate a state of mindfulness that allows you to bring things, experiences, people into our life that nourish you putting you closer to the flow of life.

According to the yogis or yoga or Ayurveda honoring everything in the manifest world – that is, everything that has form – has a three-fold expression. In other words, all of life has a beginning, middle and an end to it. Gardeners, farmers, fishermen / women, people who are always conversing with nature, understand this cycle. The nature of life is that everything that is born must die. Every relationship that we enter into has its end already written. It’s a hard-core fact. So instead of despairing, the yogis and wise people of world say that if we ride the wave of beginnings, middles and endings in life with effortlessness, balance, enthusiasm, appreciation and grace we hit the jackpot. They say this is the key to living a conscious life. 

David Simon--who by the way is battling brain cancer– says that if we surrender to this flow of life, if we are not struggling or resisting all the time, if we are not trying to impose our individualized ideas about how things should be but have an awareness of how things are then we experience the sweet fragrance of life.

“When we are willing to accept the cycle of beginnings, middles and ends without a lot resistance, then we experience a joyfulness that we feel tangibly in our minds, bodies, hearts, & soul-- it’s a sweet fragrance that arises when our personal experience is in tune or is in alignment with nature, with the divine.” Yup, we experience divinity.

I will share that this is not just available to yogis or wise people of the world. This year, I have had moments where I tapped into simple joy -- watching dew on a leaves --  that made me well up with joy. That photo heart shaped leaves above with morning dew captured a momentary sweetness that Simon was referring to -- pure bliss, joy and timelessness.  I just stood there experiencing those leaves. I opened myself to see what was and not what I wanted to see and bam!  

So there you go, understand that life will take you through cycles, up, down, sometimes out, but get up, and accept things as they are, surrender to those cycles with effortlessness, balance, enthusiasm and appreciation and tap into the joy that is around you. 

Best of luck with your intentions. 

PS Surrendering to what is is not to say that I for instance encourage President Obama to accept the insane tactics of the Republicans. I want him to keep at it. But, if he steps back a little and accepts them as they are, become aware of their intentions-- that they are unwilling to sacrifice for the rich --  he and his fellow Democrats will get perspective and see that he / they are being gamed hard. Don’t play chicken BO, forge ahead for the 99 percent. 

Or, that is not to say I encourage you to accept a boyfriend, spouse, partner, lover who beats or humiliates you. If you are in a relationship with someone who is not treating you right it doesn't mean you surrender and take it. Rather, see him / her for what he or she is, not what you would like or hope or  him or her to be. You will be able to walk away to a better more nourishing place. Trust.