Self love and other tricky feelings...

My definition of self-love-- the knowing that you are a worthy human being-- continues to expand on a daily basis. It's an endless and most important conversation to have with myself, and with others which is why I explore the topic in my book. Self love, acting on it, self care, is ground zero for life. It's where I believe every act and choice we make begins...

Yesterday, I added another level to my awareness of self-love after reading Sara Benincasa's exploration to her addiction to apologizing. The humorously titled post I am Not Sorry About My Vagina and Other Apologies We Should Retract, is worth reading . 

Benincasa is a recovering apology addict. She writes insightfully about the many boneheaded apologies she has made over the years. Some apologies are so tragic that they are funny. She asked women to share their apology stories. Illuminating.

This is the thing: women are conditioned to say sorry for things we have no business being sorry for! By the way, this is not to be confused with not having the humility of accepting when you are wrong and recognizing when your actions hurt others. 
The female apology addiction is bigger and different than that and one worth exploring. An anecdote of  one woman is telling: she apologized to a hospital staff for being unable to stop crying after having an abortion! 

Yes, we apologize for feelings, we apologize to those who hurt us or for desiring things that perhaps we don't feel we deserve...  The list is long.  But, its worth asking yourself today: what are you apologizing for? And should you be saying you are sorry? Because sometimes love is not having to say that you are sorry!


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