Step into your purpose.... create a 2012 you'll love

Resolutions are not one of my favorite things because after many years of listing lofty goals, I failed miserably. By day three, I was off the wagon, whether it was saving more money or finishing one of the many books I have cooking in the back of my head. After not following through on these ambitious goals, I'd hate myself for going back to my old ways and thus the never ending cycle of failure to realize my resolutions continued. But something happened last year that worked and I want to share.

Instead of resolutions, I created intentions. I did not share them with the world. I just lived them. That is, I surrendered to my intentions. I gave them attention by living them. I did as my wise elders do, let the universe take care of the details.

Know this: whatever you pay attention to will grow, whatever do don't, won't. This is an eternal truth that my mom has shown me as tends to her garden, the fruits which everyone around her gets to enjoy-- avocados, squash, plantains, passion fruits, bananas, pineapples, pigeon peas, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, soursop, panapen, lemons, and more. Mami's plot is tiny in the scheme of the planet, but it is really a lot bigger. She nurtures each of those plants with impeccable attention, each day. And wonderful things happen--the universe responds!

You are like a garden filled with delicious gifts. Your pure potential is there. Idle. Waiting for you to tend to it. Nurture your fruits with impeccable love. Realize yourself. Share yourself.

Whatever your intentions for 2012 are, I encourage you to above all, live in state that is truthful to you-- in every way. When you live in conflict with your internal truth, when what you do is opposite to who you are, your spirit will tell you and you will feel dis-ease. This spiritual malaise will turn into physical sickness. Do not think one thing and live another. It will catch up. Be mindful of this my beautiful seƱoritas.

Here are six ways to create a 2012 you'll love:

Do what you love
If you hate your job and at this moment, you can't quit it, find the time to nurture your true love, each day. Don't ignore your passion for one day in the future. I hear so many people say, when I am older, I will open that restaurant, or write that book, or fill in your blank... Slowly, work toward moving in the direction of your one true love or loves. You'd be surprised how that slow burn attention will turn into making a living. You'll be even more shocked at how much more joy each day will have.

Time is precious
Surround yourself with people who bring you light and support your efforts. How many times do we find ourselves in situations where we know we are wasting precious moments with people who we really don't like very much. It takes cojones to say I am staying back and you don't go visit your in-laws or miss that dinner party that everyone s going to. If you go to places where you don't want to be, you will burn time you can't get back. Find the courage to embrace only the positive in your life. As they say light attracts more light.

Beckon more compassion into your life, for you & everyone else
As Shakespeare said, "nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Judging yourself and others is hurtful to everyone involved. It creates internal havoc and chaos for others. Ask yourself, why you believe what you belief, and is it serving you? Let go of old beliefs that drag your ability to a brilliant you.

Don't get stuck on your truth
Your view of the world is exactly that, your view. Flow will arrive into your life when you don't impose your individualized view on what is happening. See situations for what they are. Getting stuck on your point of view is limiting. There's two sides to every story, and three and four. Try to see another's truth. And another's, and another's.

Keep your intentions to yourself
I read once that when you talk too much about what you are going to do, it sends a message to the brain that you have completed the task, giving you a momentary satisfaction, making it less likely that you will move forward in the direction of your intentions. Be quiet. Just do it.

Nurture your intentions everyday
Live your intentions. Add prepare the space in your life--heart, body and spirit to succeed by: 

Meditate (have a sacred moment with self each day)
Exercise (walk, zumba, yoga, run, hike, bike, fill in your fave way to move your body.) 
Warm baths (submerging your body into a warm scented bath is glorious and wakes up every cell). 
Eat less foods that come in boxes, cartons, and pre prepared, and more natural and wholesome. (You are not a car, you are a living organism.) 
Laugh. Smile, a lot (people who smile more are more healthy.) 
Have sex, great sex and often. A healthy sex life brings physical, spiritual and mental health. 

Happy intention making!


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