We are the universe and the universe lives in us...

The view my my childhood home
I am back from the Caribbean after a long weekend visiting my large extended beautiful tribe. The visit was to celebrate the wedding of a cousin. It was a country wedding without all the highly curated and superficial trappings often found in a big city or upper class nuptial, where people mortgage their homes to throw the biggest party simply to impress. You know these events, the shoes, handbag, title and bank account define you as someone worth talking to or knowing. None of this happened at this sweet nuptial. It was unedited humanity, raw, kind of intense, but pure. Love all around. Here, everyone was worth dancing with, talking to and laughing with. Kids and the elders were invited and found on the the dance floor with the young, the beautiful and the bold. The bride, my cousin, told me that she invited 230 people but ordered food and drinks for 280 (the entire town!) "People who I may not have invited will show up and I want to make sure there is enough for all," she said. At this party, everyone ate at the main table.

There are many lessons from my visit besides a gentle reminder of the generous spirit of many members of my family. But, I want to share one precious moment:

In this small lush town I noticed that all the children walk around knowing that they own the earth. They  own it not in a mortgage-owning kind-a way, more like intuitively understanding that they are part of the universe and the universe resides inside of them. Think of an eagle gracefully soaring across the sky knowing that the sky is his highway.

My sister and I were crossing a creek with a 10 year old cousin and he was barefoot because my big sis had borrowed his flip flops. It was dark out and the stars up above were huge and sparkly. As he ran across the small path along the corridor of the creek, he shouted, "I am God, watch me fly!" I shouted back to him. "Yes, indeed, you are God." And he said to me: "I am glad that you can see it!"

I pray that he never forgets. That I never forget. That you, reading this post, never forget: that you are God, that you can fly!

I think that my little man cousin understood that he is sacred in great part because of where he lives,  surrounded by lush trees, water, sun and water, both sweet and salty. Honestly, not having that much money allows him to be closer to nature and to himself in a way that all the modern day accoutrement's keep other city kids from connecting within.

My country cousin reminded me of something I try to hold onto every day in the big metropolis where I live: I am the universe and the universe is within me. This is a truth that can quickly be lost as we grow into young adults or make our way in the sanitized world of big City living. (It's true about the suburbs too!) I realize that in a city where you don't touch the earth, dip in the river, sea, let the sun bathe you because you are driving, or simply because there really aren't many open spaces to do so, (and who wants to walk barefoot in the City or the subway, anyway) it's hard to feel the energy of the universe that pulsates all around, under and inside each of us.

Whenever you can, walk barefoot, feel the earth, bathe in the sun, feel the rocks, water, grass and sand. And be reminded that you are God and, just like my little man cousin, that you can fly.