My Essential 10 for the New Year

If you incorporate these ten essentials into your daily life, 2012 has the potential to be a little sweeter, healthier and more meaningful. Why not make this year not just about surviving but thriving? Create a new year filled with purpose, meaning, and healthy living. Above all, there is one ingredient that will never fail: love. No matter how complicated the equation or situation, love is always the right answer.

1.  Carve out a holy moment with yourself.  In the busyness of survival, we just go and go and go.  Work. School. Kids. Family. Eat Sleep. Repeat. Reconnecting with our essence through meditation, walking in nature, a warm bath in the morning or at night is a great way to stop, take stock, and keep moving.  There is beauty, power, wisdom and sanity when you tune in.

2.  Find meaning in the mundane. Is your list of daily tasks filled mundane? If so, try a different approach. Even the most banal of chores can be elevated to glory. Grocery shopping can be a wondrous experience if you think about the sacred nature of eating and feeding yourself and your family. Same can be said of cleaning, paying bills, etcetera. Take those daily tasks to the next level.

3.  Move your body. How many times have you heard this? If you just walk for 30 minutes a day, it will make a difference. Our bodies were made for moving and our muscles will suffer atrophy of we don't use them. Over time, it spells trouble.

4.  Drink more water. The latest report from a controverisal lawsuit between Pepsi and Mountain Dew reveals that Mountain Dew can turn a mouse into gel! Sodas are pretty much chemical garbage. Remember you are not a car engine, you are a living organism. 'Nough said.

5. Nourish your true passion. Is it painting? Cooking? Writing? Shell collecting? Whatever your deepest passion is, it is yours and yours only. Respect it. Honor it. Don't judge it or let others belittle it. And if you are not making a living doing what you love today, remember that it doesn't always have to be so. Carve out some time cultivate your passion each day.

6. Eat veggies and fruits & take your daily vitamin. In Michael Polan's simple and powerful little book Food Rules, he mentions that 70 % of our dinner plate should be veggies. While I am slowly inching my way there, it's a nice goal to have. With each meal, you have a choice not to eat foodstuff that comes in boxes and incorporate more real food that comes from the earth, ocean and is not packaged and processed.

7. Give back. Babysit for a friend who needs a break. Cook for people in hospice. Mentor a young girl or boy.  When you give, you heal.

8. Love and be loved. Celebrate girlfriends. Your lover. Family. We are social animals and need intimate connection with other people. Quality time with the cheerleaders in your life will feed your spirit.

9. Let go. We take on responsibilities we have no business taking on. People who love us -- yes, love us -- dump stuff on us that are not ours to take. Learn to take on what is rightfully yours and release what is not. Say no, diplomatically but emphatically when others dump on you things to do. When you say no you're not only doing yourself a favor but that loved one too.

10. Allow people moments to be. Stop trying to impose your individualized view of how a situation or a person  should be and just let them be. You'll be surprised how that simple act of allowing will let your see a different perspective. It will allow flow into your life, sweet blissful flow.

** And of course make sure to smile more, (there are a 1000 health benefits to smiling); listen to lots of music & have lots of good, healthy sex.