The Get Ahead Guide for the 21st Century Woman...

"Professionally, Latinas continue to be chronically underpaid and underemployed. We are collectively at the bottom of the pay scale. A 2010 study on the gender wage gap found that Latinas have the lowest earnings of all--averaging at $509 a week versus the white male weekly earnings of $819. In the new millennium, it's still a white man's world. All women, regardless of race and ethnicity, earn less than white men, even in occupations that are traditionally considered "female." 

Discrimination is real. 
Sexism is real.
Racism is real.

Count yourself lucky if you you haven't been on the wrong side of an 'ism...."  ...Notwithstanding all the cliched ideas about gender and culture that can stymie your personal and professional success, many of the roadblocks we have to overcome are self-imposed. I call these cultural idiosyncrasies and I explore six of these cultural complexes in Chapter 12, Finding Professional in my book, "The New Latina's Bible."

While sometimes it's others and the perception they may have of you, your skills, talent and intelligence to keep you from climbing, there are instances where we are the ones perpetrating tragic self sabotage!

Could you be infected by any of the dangerous cultural complexes that may be keeping you from climbing the professional ladder? See how many you can identify in your life:

1. I don't deserve it syndrome / No me lo merezco.
This one is all about how entitled / deserving you feel about success. Will you be comfortable walking the hall of Harvard, the White House, Congress and find that you do belong in a place like that? It's that internal voice critic that questions you "do you really belong here."

2. Don't challenge the elders syndrome
This one explores the autocratic homes we grow up in -- to challenge a parent, elder is to tempt a beat down. Children are seen, not heard... and how that transfers into your workplace or school.

3. I'm embarrassed to ask syndrome
Yup this one is all about verguenza, shame and the role it plays in our professional lives.

I  explore these and many more complexes at length in my book, Check it out... 


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