Happy 3 Kings Day...

Today in Latin America children and adults celebrate a holy day, the Epiphany or Tres Reyes Magos, the day in Christian lore when three foreign men bring gifts to baby Jesus.

In reality, it's become another excuse for a day off, and a day for kids to get more gifts. As a kid in Puerto Rico, I never got a visit from Santa, to us, he was a fat guy who lived up north. The slim and brown Reyes, however, rocked our world in the Caribbean. The night before Epiphany, we'd place grass and water for the camels, and Winston cigarettes under our beds. (Mom was a smoker then and that is what she said the three kings needed after such a long trip!) How un pc to leave cigs for the wise men. Hey, but they did leave gifts under our beds, take the grass, drink the water and leave half smoked buds!

It was a good ol time. Enjoy the day.